UNISON Aberdeen City sets out principles to protect jobs and local services

UNISON is responding to the changes proposed at Aberdeen City Council as part of its Target Operating Model. As the Council progresses its transformation programme, UNISON is setting out its own principles for change and a commitment to its members.

The scale of cuts the Council is proposing is like nothing we’ve seen before. With £125m less to spend at the end of this process, jobs and local services could be threatened. This city has seen enough cuts without putting the jobs of hardworking council employees at risk. This will also mean poorer quality services for the citizens of Aberdeen.

Councillors were told in August that achieving a balanced budget will mean savings are spread across all Council revenue expenditure – currently around 40% of spending is on staff. Management has now provided assurances that keeping services in house is a priority and support will be provided to do this, so we will campaign to make sure this is the case.

We need to stand up for providing decent local services to the people who live and work here. UNISON members are always there for you. They pick up your bins, provide social care for your family, fill in the potholes on your street, and read the vows at your wedding. We are not just council workers – we are your friends, families and neighbours.

UNISON is now setting out its own transformation principles. These include protecting members’ jobs, protecting vulnerable people, keeping public services in house, and an ethical approach to commissioning.­­­

Our-principles-2 Our-principles
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