2022 Year of the Disabled Worker

I have pleasure in attaching the event poster for ACC’s upcoming ‘Year of Disabled Workers’ event at Aberdeen Beach Ballroom on 8th December.

If you wish to attend, please book yourself onto the event, via Eventbrite, by using either the link or the QR code on the poster.

The Lord Provost will give a civic welcome at the start of the event, which has the full support of ACC Chief Executive, Angela Scott, who also plans to attend.

Chief Officers and Senior Managers have been asked to look favourably upon requests from staff asking to attend.

Kindest regards,

Garry Watson


Garry Watson | Civic Affairs Officer

Aberdeen City Council | Governance

Town House (Room G1) | Broad Street | Aberdeen | AB10 1LP


Tel: 07908181924


www.aberdeencity.gov.uk | Twitter: @AberdeenCC | Facebook.com/AberdeenCC

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