National Care Service – Email your MSP

NAtional care Service - Email your MSP

The National Care Service Bill is causing great concerns in Unison the main issues are:

Key Points about the Bill
1. The Bill does not set up a system like the NHS to directly deliver services
2. The Bill fails to remove profit from care
3. The Bill takes powers and responsibilities away from local government
and the NHS and gives them to quangoes.
4. The Bill creates a system of care boards whose members are
accountable to Ministers not service users
5. The Bill aims at reducing direct public provision of public services &
promotes outsourcing.
6. The Bill not only retains but expands the failed market approach to care
for vulnerable individuals
7. The Bill does not address the problem of unmet need
8. The key interventions for driving up service quality and standards
(sectoral collective bargaining in social care, a National Social Work
Agency, better resourcing) are not part of the Bill.
9. The Bill puts the future of up to 75,000 council workers and an unknown
number of NHS workers into question
10.The lack of detail and reliance on post legislative regulations prevents
proper scrutiny of the Bill.

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See the Unison briefing document, click here

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