Support with VSER

UNISON is here to protect you at work and make sure that you get the best deal possible. It's important to us that we keep jobs and support our members when they're at risk.

As more jobs are cut we need to ensure that the commitment to no compulsory redundancies stays in tact, and isn't implemented through the back door. As more of our colleagues leave and the volume of work stays the same, many people will be at higher risk of stress, anxiety and other mental health problems.

We need to protect our public jobs and make sure that people living in the North East can receive the essential services they need. Getting rid of yet more staff from local government risks the economic stability of the area, the well-being of our citizens, and put your job at risk. Help us mitigate this by working #togetherinUNISON.


In March 2017, Aberdeen City Council voted to start a programme of Voluntary Severance and Early Retirement for its staff. This had a target of 200 posts to be deleted from the organisation. We were promised that applications would be evaluated carefully and only granted where we could afford to lose them. In June we learned that 150 applications had been accepted.

A rolling application window has opened and transformation programmes are finding ways to make further savings that could impact staffing. While we accept the need to reduce spending, it's not right that the threat of job losses could be imposed on our members if they're caught up in one of these reviews.

Together we can make our voices heard. This campaign makes the following commitments to you:

  • We will provide support and advice to those who have applied or are thinking of applying for VSER, making sure you get the deal you deserve;
  • We will make representations to management to ensure that any further redundancies are on a voluntary basis and are not forced on our members;
  • We will support you if you're feeling stressed, anxious or have an increasing workload caused by colleagues leaving under VSER;
  • We will be constructive and propose alternative ways to find savings that protect the jobs of our members;
  • We will challenge the rocketing spend on consultancy, interim heads of services/directors and agency staff in senior position that could prevent dozens of redundancies.

Advice and guidance

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Thomson's Solictors info on UNISON legal cover -

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