Working hard, for our members

We are always working hard for our members, often behind the scenes and mostly without shouting loudly about the success we have for our members. However we wanted to share an example of how membership and engagement with UNISON Aberdeen City Branch can benefit employees.

A planned redesign of the Comms and Marketing function of Aberdeen City Council was due to displace a number of staff, with a dramatic reduction of posts already seen over the last 12 months.

UNISON opposed these changes and engaged with members who had expressed their concern. A series of meetings were held to discuss the situation and staff came forward with a series of suggestions, including looking at the potential for income generation from the service to the Council (much in line with the principles of the Jimmy Reid Initiative which UNISON is engaged in). This has resulted in the redesign being put on hold, and instead will now be incorporated into the ‘Build Back Better’ initiative with a view to generating a fit for purpose service next year without slashing the service any further.

Branch Secretary Les Tarr said:

‘The members within that service are to be commended for coming forward with suggestions and solutions to not just inform us of the situation, but propose positive actions to address the potential job reductions. This is a practical example of the alternative funding model for local government which the UNISON initiative with Jimmy Reid Foundation was developed to address. Our members have shown what can be achieved by engaging in a positive way with their union and the employer.’

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