Transformation Update: Job cuts consultation

Over the last few weeks UNISON has been engaging with the Council’s consultation on job cuts as part of the transition to the Target Operating Model. The Branch Committee has agreed to write to all members to update you on the consultation and negotiations we are conducting with the Council.

During this consultation we have been told that information will be provided on management proposals and the “case for change”. Over the initial two-week period it was apparent that management were not providing UNISON with the full information needed to consult. Along with our sister unions we requested an extension to the consultation period so that management could provide all necessary information and allow us time to respond.

Unfortunately, the information which management has provided has been patchy and inadequate. This means that we cannot yet respond effectively and do not have the information we need to consult on these changes. We are working hard to retrieve all the information we need to make this consultation work. We have still not received everything we need to do this. Tomorrow we will meet with management and repeat our request for information and an extension to the consultation so that your union can represent its members.

We already know that management have proposed to run individual consultations in parallel with trade union consultation. We strongly object to this because it prevents us being able to support our members in their individual meetings if we do not have the necessary information in advance. If you receive an invitation to an individual meeting please contact your UNISON representative immediately. You can find them online at

For UNISON to represent you well, it is important that you support local stewards in this process by talking to us. Being a member of a trade union gives you a powerful voice, but this is only effective when we stand up #togetherinUNISON.


Yours sincerely

Kenny Luke
Joint Branch Secretary

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