Full Pay Not Pool Pay

UNISON have calculated that relief support staff in Bon Accord Care lose approximately £57 for every 10-hour weekend shift, just because they’re on pool pay and they aren’t getting the same enhancements as their rota’d counterparts. Therefore, if a relief support worker does just three relief shifts per month, they could be losing up to £2000 a year.

£2000 a year extra could make a big difference to the lives of our members – be it helping with the weekly shop, fixing the car, or saving for a house. That’s why UNISON is calling on Bon Accord Care to pay Relief Support Workers the Full Pay, Not Pool Pay that they deserve and to end the pay disparity between Support Workers and Relief Support Workers

Find out how much you could be losing by using our calculator below.

The instructions for the calculator are as follows:

  1. Enter your basic rate of pay into Box H6
  2. Enter your basic weekly hours into Box H8
  3. Enter your additional Daytime, Evening and Weekend Hours into boxes F10, F11, and F12 respectively
  4. Having completed all the steps listed above, this should give you, in Boxes L14 & L15 respectively, the Total Monthly and Annual Loss through lost enhancements to pay for Relief / Pool Support Workers.


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