UNISON holds celebration day for Stars in Our Schools!

Stars in our schools celebration day - 24 November 2017

Teachers and pupils to hold national celebration day to recognise the ‘stars in our schools’ 

School support staff across the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire will be recognised tomorrow (Friday 24 November) as part of a UK-wide celebration of the invaluable contribution they make to the education of pupils.

UNISON has organised the ‘Stars in Our Schools’ event to promote the wonderful work school support staff do every day, and to make sure the world knows just how vital they are to every school.

Word cloud - teaching assistants, technicians, school support, catering, office“This annual UK-wide celebration day is a great opportunity for pupils, parents and teachers to promote the work of their support staff and thank them for their outstanding contribution.

“School support staff are so often the unsung heroes in our schools and play an integral part of the education of young people. Their roles are incredibly diverse, from cooks, cleaners and caretakers to family support advisers, examinations staff and school business managers. They play a vital role in every aspect of school life and without them schools could not run.”

Find out more at the Stars in Our Schools website:- http://www.starsinourschools.uk/

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