Service Redesign and Cultural Review

Inevitably that has translated to service looking to reshape to either reduce costs or get more from the workforce they have by changing job, three years on from the day the T.O.M was passed by Council the big question is what have benefits have been realised.

We know that for many members it has been an increase in workload as staff have left through V.S.E.R or have been displaced and ended up on redeployment.
With the roll out of subsequent Service Redesigns we are now getting down to the critical ones where the impacts on staff and member is being felt most.
Change is inevitable, it fuels progress and improvement, but it must be change that is driven by sound principles.

One of the leading lights in the science of change is called Professor J.P Kottar, his principles for change calls for any organisation to follow 8 steps:
1. Create a sense of urgency
2. Build a guiding coalition
3. Form a strategic vision and initiatives
4. Enlist a volunteer army
5. Enable action by removing barriers
6. Generate short-term wins
7. Sustain acceleration
8. Institute change

How the employer chooses to organise itself is their responsibility, ours is to ensure that changes to roles, Job descriptions and employment practices are within employment law. It is also to ensure that changes do not negatively impact our members to ensure that factors like workload and stress are considered. We are there to help shape change not control it.

Similarly, at Bon Accord Care there are changes ahead. The current cultural review being undertaken is designed to improve the working environment for our members and staff in general. We need to be part of the discussion and have people there representing our members interests