National Care Service Consultation

The Scottish Government has launched a major consultation on the future of Care Services in Scotland. This goes far beyond just the social care sector and will bite into the services such as social work provision that local authorities provide. The consultation document released by the Scottish Government can be access through this link.

Unison is monitoring closely the proposed changes and will be looking engage with the consultation at all levels.

UNISON’s ebriefs on the National Care Service Proposals:

  • eBrief : Unison Guide to National Care Service Consultation, click here. to access
  • eBrief No 1: Just who will work for a National Care Service. Click here to access
  • eBrief No 2: What would FAIR work in a National Care Service look like.  Click here to access.
  • eBrief No 3: Ethical commissioning for Public Health.  Click here to access.
  • eBrief No 4: Effective Voice. Click here to access
  • eBrief No 5: Minimum employment standards. Click here to access
  • eBrief No 6: Care in UNISON. click here to access.

The branch will be seeking to engage with as many affected members as possible, so watch out for emails and invites to virtual town hall meetings.

The key points to consider at a glance are:

  • Unlike the NHS the proposed National Care Service will not
    directly deliver care and will not be a major employer
  • It will commission and procure care from local authorities,
    health boards, the third sector and private sector.
  • This will be done by reformed Integrated Joint Boards, re-named Community
    Health & Social Care Boards. They will employ their own staff to do this.
  • Councils will continue to employ social work staff but like health
    the statutory duties and responsibilities for social work and
    social care will sit with Scottish Ministers
  • UNISON’s briefing on the NCS Consultation is here.
  • The Scottish Government Consultation paper is